• Will I have Lifetime access to my Bloom Membership?

    You will also have access to your Bloom Member log in portal as long as you continue with your Monthly Membership fee of $25

  • Do the videos expire after I watch them?

    Your videos can be watched as many times as you would like. Hopefully you learn something new each time you view them! You'll be confident in your designs the more you practice.

  • What is the difference between Bucket of Blooms & a Bloom Membership?

    Our Bloom Membership (that's what you are enrolled in here!) is our online tutorial platform where you keep all of our educational floral videos in one place. You can access these videos at anytime and they don't expire! Design over and over again and let us help you! Our Bucket of Blooms program is currently only in Los Angeles (we'll expand nationally one day! we promise!) That is a curated bucket of florals that are delivered to your doorstep and you receive a log in for the tutorial pertaining to that exact Bucket of Blooms. The video link for that tutorial expires after one week.

  • Can I cancel my Bloom Membership?

    Absolutely (although we would hate to see you go!) If you want to cancel your Bloom Membership just log into your account and cancel at any time. If you have any troubles feel free to reach out to us directly.

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